Saturday, April 26, 2008

Inaugural Post

Hello and welcome to Derailed Perspective. This is the place where you get to step back and get a fresh perspective on well... anything. It is my hope that this blog causes people to think outside the box and outside their boxes. The beauty of this is that it is a two-way street. Your replies will allow me to see another angle on whatever the subject happens to be!

To better understand our world, we must see it from many angles. By knowing where we're coming from, we can figure out where to go. So, let's get started!

1 comment:

foolery said...

Wow, am I your first commenter? I am honored.

Thanks for the comment about Rellerindos. I'm glad there's someone out there who agrees with me about the singular hatefulness of that candy-like substance, which I suspect may actually be a superfund site waste by-product.

Cheers to you, and best of luck with your new blog -- it looks like a thoughtful, well-considered space!

-- Laurie @ Foolery